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Announcement: SGA-DFA-PY-10-03 | Applicant Name: Robeson COmmunity College

Location of Applicant: NC
Agency Name: ETA
Grant Award Amount: $18,835,604.00
Abstract/Executive Summary: Robeson Community College Abstract.pdf
Technical Proposal: NC_Robeson CC_22500_RTP.pdf

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Application Identifier: 12192
Type of Submission : A
Type of Application: N
Date Received: 4/21/2011 12:00:00 AM
Applicant Identifier:
Federal Entity Number: 56-0894344
Federal Award Identifier:
Date Received by State:
State Application Identifier:
Legal Name (Applicant Information): Robeson COmmunity College
Employer/Taxpayer Identification Number (EIN/TIN): 560894344
Organizational DUNS: 0998134790000
Street 1: 5160 Fayetteville Road
Street 2:
City: Lumberton
State: NC
Country: USA
Zip/Postal Code: 28359-1420
Organizational Affiliation:
Type of Applicant 1: H
Type of Applicant 2:
Type of Applicant 3:
Name of Federal Agency: Employment and Training Administration
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Number:
CFDA Title:
Funding Opportunity Number: SGA-DFA-PY-10-03
Funding Opportunity Title: Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Grants Program
Competition Identification Number:
Competition Title:
Areas Affected by Project:
Descriptive Title of Applicant’s Projects: The North Carolina Advanced Manufacturing Alliance
Proposed Project Start Date: 7/1/2011 12:00:00 AM
Proposed Project End Date: 6/30/2015 12:00:00 AM
Is Application Subject to Review by State Under Executive Order 12372 Process: c. Program is not covered by E.O. 12372.
Review Date Under Executive Order 12372 Process:
Authorized Indicator: Y
Authorized Representative Prefix: Mrs.
Authorized Representative First Name: Lisa
Authorized Representative Middle Name: O
Authorized Representative Last Name: Hunt
Authorized Representative Suffix:
Authorized Representative Title: Director
Authorized Representative Date Signed: 4/21/2011 12:00:00 AM

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Announcement Number: SGA-DFA-PY-10-03
Application ID: 12192
Applicant Name: Robeson COmmunity College
Project Title : TAACCCT - 2011
Project Description: The project’s strategies address the gaps in current education and training programs and include: 1) providing comprehensive skills assessment at the student’s point-of- entry, including an interview to ascertain strengths, interests, and skill sets not just academic level; 2) offering Flexible Learning options giving the student a customizable, on-demand program that meets their unique needs; 3) redesign of developmental education including self-paced math and eight week mini-sessions of English and reading; 4) student support services including a Success Manager to guide students throughout the development of an Individual Guidance Plan and auxiliary services; 5) mobile Learning will give students an opportunity to learn with a tablet computer through which they will access online courses, educational applications by the thousands along with training simulations, and the ability to maintain communication with their Success Manager, instructors and internship employer; 6) develop student internships in industry that will be monitored and employer assessed, and students will be hired by the employer; 7) develop a pipeline of students from high school to the college classrooms through partnerships with Career and Tech Ed. programs.  
Key Credentials:
Population to be Served: Unemployed and TAA-Eligible Workers
Key Partners: Campbell Soup Supply Co., Carver Machine Works, Potash Corp, Keihin Carolina System, Sonoco Products, Consolidated Metco, West CATV Supplies, Inc, Austin Electric Enclosures, Ottenweller Company, Contempora Fabrics , Quickie Mfg, Tredegar Film Products, Mueller-Steam Specialty, Alamac American Knits, Elkay Mfg, Kayser-Roth Corp, Acme Electric, Graphic Packaging Company, International Paper, and 16 others; 10 Workforce Development Boards, 10 Public School Boards, JobLink Career Centers, multiple community service and employment organizations, and economic development agencies

Location of Grant Activities

Location 1
State North Carolina
Cities Asheville city 02140, Fayetteville city 22920

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