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January 8 Events

Jan 8 OFCCP - Beyond the Written AAP, DALLAS, TX.
This workshop will seek to assist Federal contractors by addressing compliance beyond the written affirmative action plan. It will cover topics such as applicant tracking, recordkeeping requirements, uniform and consistent application of qualification requirements and testing.
Jan 8 Informal Stakeholder Meetings on Preventing Injuries and Fatalities from Vehicle Backovers, Washington, DC.
OSHA scheduled five informal stakeholder meetings to solicit comments on preventing injuries and fatalities from vehicle backovers. The purpose of the meetings is to gather information and evaluate backover risks across various industries, determine whether or how backovers may be prevented by new technology or other methods, and discuss the effectiveness of those measures.

Later This Month

Jan 9 OFCCP - Developing Written Affirmative Action Programs/ Workplace Accommodations, Columbus, OH.
Jan 10 OFCCP - Determining Availability Seminar, Milwaukee, WI.
Jan 10 OFCCP - Construction - Nuts and Bolts, New Orleans, LA.
Jan 16 OFCCP: Beyond the Affirmative Action Plan, Orange, CA.
Jan 17 OFCCP - What to Expect During an OFCCP Audit, Omaha, NE.
Jan 17 OFCCP - Beyond the Written AAP, Houston, TX.
Jan 22 Outreach Forum on Classification of Bona Fide Executives, Administrative, Professional Employees, Edinburg, TX.
Jan 23 Small Business Vendor Outreach Session, Washington, DC.
Jan 24 OFCCP - Analyzing Personnel Activity Data/ Internet Applicant Recordkeeping Rule, Columbus, OH.
Jan 30 OLMS-Compliance Assistance Seminar, Euless, TX.
Jan 31 OFCCP - Tracking/Monitoring/Analyzing Personnel Activity Data, Milwaukee, WI.
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