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February 19 Events

Feb 19 OLMS-Compliance Assistance Seminar, San Francisco, CA.
The OLMS San Francisco District Office will conduct a compliance assistance seminar for union officials from unions in Northern California and Northern Nevada. The topics will include LM-2/3/4 reporting and recordkeeping, internal controls, and an informal afternoon session offering an opportunity to meet one-on-one with OLMS staff to discuss matters specific to attendees’ unions, related to the seminar topics or other LMRDA/CSRA matters.
Feb 19 OLMS- Compliance Presentation, Springfield, IL.
The OLMS Chicago District Office will conduct a presentation at the AFL-CIO sponsored seminar in Springfield, Illinois for all interested union officials in Illinois. The topics will include an overview of the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA), Labor-Management Reports (LM-2/3/4/30) and Union Elections.

Later This Month

Feb 20 OFCCP - Your Construction Requirements, Columbus, OH.
Feb 20 OFCCP: Record Keeping Required by OFCCP, Orange, CA.
Feb 20 Town Hall Meetings to Assist Nuclear Weapons Workers, Espanola , NM.
Feb 20 Hispanic Outreach Forum, Denver, CO.
Feb 21 OFCCP - Construction Requiements, Omaha, NE.
Feb 21 OFCCP - Construction Best Practice Seminar, Milwaukee, WI.
Feb 21 OFCCP - Everything You Want to Know About Adverse Impact, Records and Record Retention, Houston, TX.
Feb 21 OFCCP Compliance Assistance Seminar – Supply & Service Contractors , Memphis, TN.
Feb 21 OFCCP- New Bedford Working Group Meeting - New Bedford, MA, New Bedford, MA.
Feb 22 OLMS-Compliance Assistance Seminar, Buffalo, NY.
Feb 22 OFCCP - Meeting with Asian American Civic Association - Boston, MA, Boston, MA.
Feb 24 OFCCP - Convention for National Federation of the Blind of Massachusetts - Boston, MA, Boston, MA.
Feb 26 OLMS-Compliance Presentation, Burr Ridge, IL.
Feb 26 OFCCP- Getting to Know OFCCP-Preparing Small and New Supply and Service Contractors for an Audit, Philadelphia, PA.
Feb 27 OFCCP Compliance Assistance Seminar - Construction Contractors, Nashville, TN.
Feb 27 Helping Small Business Owners Save for Retirement Webcast, Washington, DC.
Feb 28 Helping Small Business Owners with New Retirement Plan Fee Disclosures Webcast, Washington, DC.
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