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February 6 Events

Feb 6 "What to Expect during an OFCCP Audit" Compliance Assistance Session for New and Small S&S Contractors, Richmond, VA.
To educate federal contractors on their Affirmative Action obligations including outreach and AAP development. OFCCP will present a Powerpoint on "What to Expect during an OFCCP Audit" and then introduce CBO guests. This networking session will provide the opportunity for local CBOs and Contractors to discuss future linkage opportunities.
Feb 6 What to Expect During an OFCCP Audit, Omaha, NE.
The OFCCP will provide insightful information pertinent to the OFCCP audit process to contractors.
Feb 6 Moving Toward Compliance with OFCCP’s New Section 503 and VEVRAA Regulations: The Components of A VEVRAA Affirmative Action Program (AAP), This is a webinar, AK.
Please join OFCCP for the third in a series of webinars on “Moving Toward Compliance.” During this session, OFCCP will provide information on drafting a VEVRAA AAP that is in compliance with the new regulations. Topics to be covered include: • which sections of a VEVRAA AAP are new, revised, or retained and how to draft them; • how audit and reporting systems operate under the new VEVRAA regulations; • how to conduct a self-assessment of outreach and recruitment efforts; and • new documentation required by the new VEVRAA regulations. Join us to learn more on this topic as we move towards compliance. Go to Event web site link below to register.

Later This Month

Feb 10 Secretary's Jobs Briefing with U.S. Department of Labor's Chief Economist, Online, DC.
Feb 11 OLMS-Compliance Assistance, Burr Ridge, IL.
Feb 12 OFCCP – Best Practices for Corporate Management Compliance Evaluations, Memphis, TN.
Feb 12 OFCCP: Everything You Want to Know About Adverse Impact, Orange , CA.
Feb 18 OFCCP Webinar: Essential Elements of The AAP – Part I, San Francisco, CA.
Feb 18 OFCCP Overview, Birmingham, AL.
Feb 18 OFCCP — What to Expect During an OFCCP Audit, Atlanta, GA.
Feb 18 OFCCP Overview, Jackson, MS.
Feb 19 Laws Enforced by OFCCP, Detroit, MI.
Feb 19 Vendor Outreach Session, Washington, DC.
Feb 19 OFCCP: Filing an Employment Discrimination Complaint, Portland, OR.
Feb 19 Town Hall Meetings to Assist Nuclear Weapons Workers, Dever, CO.
Feb 20 Town Hall Meetings to Assist Nuclear Weapons Workers, Dever, CO.
Feb 21 Scheduling and AAP Requirements, Houston, TX.
Feb 25 OFCCP Webinar: Essential Elements of The AAP – Part II, San Francisco, CA.
Feb 25 OFCCP — Construction 16 EEO & Affirmative Action Requirements , Atlanta, GA.
Feb 26 OLMS-Compliance Seminar, Pittsburgh, PA.
Feb 26 OLMS-Compliance Assistance Seminar, Springfield, IL.
Feb 27 OLMS-Compliance Seminar, Pittsburgh, PA.
Feb 27 Compliance Assistance Session for Construction Contractors and Subcontractors, Richmond, VA.
Feb 27 Affirmative Action Program Development for Small or First-Time Supply and Service Contractors, Baltimore, MD.
Feb 28 Take Charge of Your Financial Future, Washington, DC.
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