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April 9 Events

Apr 9 OFCCP Interagency Roundtable , Chicago, IL.
OFCCP Interagency Roundtable presents a unique opportunity for the entire community and community advocacy groups serving vulnerable populations to learn from and connect with top leaders of federal civil rights enforcement agencies. This roundtable will feature OFCCP, The Office of Congressional and Internal Affairs (OCIA), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage/Hour Division, U.S. Department of Labor’s Women’s Bureau, Office of the Solicitor, U.S. Department of Justice. Come and learn more about these agencies and equal pay issues.

Later This Month

Apr 10 OFCCP Service and Supply Compliance Assistance Seminar for First Time Contractors, Philadelphia, PA.
Apr 10 OFCCP Community Based Organization Event , Baltimore, MD.
Apr 10 Health Benefits Laws Compliance Assistance Seminar, Newark, NJ.
Apr 11 OFCCP Community Based Organization Roundtable Event, Richmond , VA.
Apr 11 OFCCP- Compliance Assistance Seminar - Boston, MA, Boston, MA.
Apr 11 OFCCP: Pathway to Employment: Workers with Disabilities, Stockton, CA.
Apr 12 OFCCP - How to Avoid Costly Employment Practices , Houston, TX.
Apr 12 OFCCP - Maintaining Applicant Flow Data, Omaha, NE.
Apr 12 OFCCP: “Creating a Valuable Workforce Through Community Partnerships”, Santa Barbara, CA.
Apr 12 Taking the Mystery Out of Retirement Planning Workshop, Worcester, MA.
Apr 12 OFCCP- Blacks In Government Region IV Training Conference, Louisville, KY.
Apr 16 Conference Call on Changes to DOL Press Lock-ups, Washington, DC.
Apr 17 H-2B In Person Briefing, Washington, DC.
Apr 17 Town Hall Meeting to assist nuclear weapons workers, Augusta , GA.
Apr 17 OLMS-Compliance Seminar, San Francisco , CA.
Apr 18 OFCCP Webinar: Good Faith Efforts to Accomplish Goals, Orange, CA.
Apr 18 OFCCP Construction Contractors Compliance Assistance, Philadelphia, PA.
Apr 18 Vendor Outreach Session, Washington , DC.
Apr 18 OFCCP- Compliance Assistance Seminar - Boston, MA, Boston, MA.
Apr 19 OFCCP - Analyzing Personnel Activity Data, Omaha, NE.
Apr 19 Taking the Mystery Out of Retirement Planning Workshop, Atlanta, GA.
Apr 19 OFCCP- Kentucky ILG Spring Seminar, Louisville, KY.
Apr 20 OFCCP: The ABC’s of the AAP, Los Angeles, CA.
Apr 24 OFCCP Community Outreach and Education Event, Baltimore, MD.
Apr 24 Spring Thaw Workshop, Pocatello, ID.
Apr 25 OFCCP Service and Supply Seminar, Philadelphia, PA.
Apr 25 OFCCP Community Based Organization Roundtable Event, Richmond, VA.
Apr 25 Traveling Resource Center to assist nuclear weapons workers, Amherst, NY.
Apr 25 Compliance Evaluations of Entities that Participate in TRICARE Networks, This is a webinar., AK.
Apr 26 OFCCP- Community Based Education & Outreach, Memphis, TN.
Apr 27 OFCCP - Technical Assistance Seminar, Columbus, OH.
Apr 27 Spring Thaw Workshop, Bismarck, ND.
Apr 28 Celebrating Children and Literacy, Detroit, MI.
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