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May 14 Events

May 14 OFCCP - Best Practices for Implementing an Affirmative Action Program, New Orleans, LA.
This workshop will center on pro-active practices that are designed to help federal contractors avoid pit-falls that preclude successful implementation of their Affirmative Action Program.  Practices highlighted will encourage involvement in identifying and rectifying potential problems early on in the hopes of avoiding any costs associated with discriminatory findings.
May 14 OFCCP - Construction - Nuts and Bolts, Dallas, TX.
This workshop is designed to provide federal construction contractors with the basic tools needed to successfully meet EEO obligations. The workshop seeks to familiarize contractors with OFCCP’s mission, jurisdictional purview and requirements under 41 CFR 60-4.

Later This Month

May 15 OFCCP - Women in Nontraditional Jobs/ The Complaint Process, Columbus, OH.
May 15 OFCCP: Good Faith Efforts to Accomplish Goals, Orange, CA.
May 15 OFCCP -Veterans Career Fair - , Boston, MA.
May 15 OFCCP Compliance Assistance Seminar – Supply & Service Contractors , Nashville, TN.
May 16 OFCCP - Retaliation Complaints, Omaha, NE.
May 16 OFCCP -" Empowerment Session" on Developing AAPs for New and Small Supply and Service Contractors and Outreach Best Practices for a Diverse/Inclusive Workforce , Baltimore, MD.
May 16 OFCCP - Fort AP Hill VA Construction Project – Compliance Assistance/Outreach and Education Event for Prime and Subcontractors, Richmond , VA.
May 16 Resources for Women Veterans: A Summit for Service Providers, Atlanta, GA.
May 16 Leaning In, Speaking Out: Strategies for Equity for Women in the Workplace Webinar, San Francisco, CA.
May 16 7th Annual Strengthening the Family Summit, Seattle, WA.
May 21 Pacific Northwest Women's Conference 2013, Portland, OR.
May 22 Your Rights in the Workplace, Central Falls, RI.
May 22 Support our Troops Meet and Greet, Houston, TX.
May 23 Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health Meeting , Washington, DC.
May 23 ETA – Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) Pre-Applicant Virtual Conference, Washington, DC.
May 29 OFCCP Compliance Assistance Seminar – Supply & Service Contractors , Nashville, TN.
May 29 OFCCP: Equal Pay Act 50th Anniversary Celebration , Seattle, WA.
May 29 Minimum Wage for Maximum Impact Panel Discussion, Washington, DC.
May 30 OFCCP - Nuts and Bolts of Construction Evaluations and Best Practices for Minority/Female Utilization Goal Attainment , Baltimore , MD.
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