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June 27 Events

Jun 27 OFCCP -" Empowerment Session" on Developing AAPs for New and Small Supply and Service Contractors and Outreach Best Practices for a Diverse/Inclusive Workforce , Richmond , VA.
The Richmond District Office is inviting small and new supply and service (non construction) federal contractors to an empowerment session on "What to Expect during an OFCCP Audit." The event will also emphasize the importance of effective outreach and recruitment efforts by contractors. Community-based recruitment sources will provide information on how they can assist contractors with their outreach efforts, supporting diversity and an inclusive workforce. This event will include a networking session for local community based organizations and contractors to discuss future linkage opportunities.
Jun 27 DOL Educational & Outreach Symposium, Houston, TX.
US DOL Forum: Free Compliance Assistance and Networking Symposium for employers, community-based organizations, unions and advocacy groups. OFCCP Workshop - New COMPENSATION Guidelines: OFCCP's Houston District Office will discuss recently implemented significant changes to how OFCCP will address compensation in compliance audits and enforcement proceedings. Presentations by the EEOC, OSHA and Wage and Hour Division will also be made.

Later This Month

Jun 28 Free Seminar: Understanding Special Minimum Wages under Section 14(c) of the FLSA , Texarkana, TX.
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