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June 7 Events

Jun 7 OFCCP - Workplace Accommodations, Omaha, NE.
The Omaha District Office will provide a presentation on the requirements of Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, emphasizing workplace accomodations.
Jun 7 OFCCP Community Outreach and Education Event, Philadelphia, PA.
The OFCCP Philadelphia District Office will host a community outreach and education event to enable Community-Based Organizations in the Philadelphia area and OFCCP to come together, build relationships in the community, and work together cooperatively to promote equal employment opportunity for stakeholders. OFCCP will provide an overview of its mission of protecting workers, promoting diversity, and enforcing the law and describe its linkage and outreach activities. The CBOs will also share their missions and objectives.
Jun 7 OFCCP- Community Based Education & Outreach, Memphis, TN.
Purpose of the event is to facilitate knowledge of OFCCP laws, regulations and other procedures related to increasing contractor compliance and knowledge of OFCCP as a resource for filing discrimination complaints. Explore possible synergies and opportunities for collaborative partnerships and linkages for minority and female recruitment.
Jun 7 OFCCP - How to Prepare Affirmative Action Programs, Detroit , MI.
The Detroit District Office will provide technical/compliance assistance to supply and service contractors on "How to Prepare Affirmative Action Programs".
Jun 7 OFCCP-Supply & Service Seminar - Buffalo, NY, Buffalo, NY.
OFCCP-The OFCCP Buffalo District Office will host an educational seminar for new and existing contractors and sub contractors on OFCCP Programs and Jurisdiction, the Compliance Evaluation Process, Key Elements of an Affirmative Action Plan and Additional Requirements.
Jun 7 OFCCP Ė Building Partnerships for the Community, Charlotte, NC.
Topics to be discussed include veterans outreach, mandatory job listings, disability accommodation, complaints and fair pay.
Jun 7 OLMS-Compliance Seminar, Madison, WI.
The OLMS Milwaukee District Office will conduct a compliance assistance seminar for union officials from member locals of the South Central Wisconsin Building and Construction Trades Council. The topics will include an overview of OLMS and the LMRDA, Financial Recordkeeping and Internal Controls, Union Officer Elections, Overview of the Trustee Workshop, Labor Management Reports, and the OLMS Electronic Forms.

Later This Month

Jun 10 Hispanic Safety Summit , Seaford, DE.
Jun 12 OFCCP Service and Supply Seminar for First Time Contractors, Philadelphia, PA.
Jun 12 OFFCP Community Outreach andc Education Event, Baltimore , MD.
Jun 13 Getting It Right...Know Your Fiduciary Responsibilities, New York, NY.
Jun 13 OFCCP- Supply and Service AAP Seminar for Small and New Contractors- Mountainside, NJ, Mountainside, NJ.
Jun 13 Health Benefits Laws Compliance Assistance Seminar, St. Louis, MO.
Jun 14 OFCCP - National Origin Discrimination, Omaha, NE.
Jun 14 OFCCP- Community Based Education & Outreach, Memphis, TN.
Jun 19 Vendor Outreach Session, Washington, DC.
Jun 19 OLMS-Compliance Seminar, Birmingham, AL.
Jun 19 National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (NACOSH) Meeting , Washington, DC.
Jun 19 OFCCP-What Are Your Workplace Rights? - New York, NY, New York, NY.
Jun 20 OFCCP: AAP Development & Preparing for a Desk Audit , Los Angeles, CA.
Jun 20 OFCCP Construction Seminar, Philadelphia, PA.
Jun 20 OFCCP Community Based Organization Roundtable Event, Richmond, VA.
Jun 21 OFCCP - Beyond the Written AAP, Houston, TX.
Jun 21 OFCCP - Construction Contractors Compliance Assistance Workshop, Houston, TX.
Jun 21 OFCCP - Retaliation Complaints, Omaha, NE.
Jun 21 OFCCP - Creating Pathways to Success, Kansas City, MO.
Jun 21 Seminar: Understanding Special Minimum Wages under Section 14(c) of the FLSA, Spencerport, NY.
Jun 21 AT Works: Accessible Technology in the Workplace Webcast , Webinar, DC.
Jun 22 OFCCP - Warriors to the Workforce, Chicago, IL.
Jun 22 Central Florida Job Clubs & Career Ministries On the Front Lines of Getting Americans Back to Work, Orlando, FL.
Jun 23 Fair Labor Standards Act Seminar at the Indiana Latino Expo, Indianapolis, IN.
Jun 25 Stakeholder Meeting to Help Assess Effectiveness of State Plans, Washington , DC.
Jun 26 OFCCP Community Outreach and Education Event, Baltimore , MD.
Jun 26 Disability Job Fair, Richardson, TX.
Jun 27 OFCCP- Equal Pay Conference - Burlington, VT, Burlington, VT.
Jun 27 Seminar: Understanding Special Minimum Wages under Section 14(c) of the FLSA , Oklahoma City, OK.
Jun 27 OFCCP - Compliance Assistance Seminar - Boston, MA, Boston, MA.
Jun 27 Family and Medical Leave Act Webinar, Washington, DC.
Jun 28 OFCCP - Building Partnership and Compliance Through Outreach and Education, Ferguson, MO.
Jun 28 Seminar: Understanding Special Minimum Wages under Section 14(c) of the FLSA, Portland, OR.
Jun 29 OFCCP - Technical Assistance Seminar, Columbus, OH.
Jun 29 COBRA Compliance Workshop, Dallas, TX.
Jun 29 HIPAA and Affordable Care Act Compliance Workshop, Dallas, TX.
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