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July 11 Events

Jul 11 OFCCP - Building Community and Veteran Partnerships, Tallahassee, FL.
The Jacksonville Area Office will host a community outreach and education event to connect federal contractors with community and veteran organizations. In addition to introducing federal contractors with area minority, women, and veteran stakeholders, the OFCCP will educate all attendees of its mission to ensure affirmative action and equal opportunity on behalf of the protected groups with those who do business with the Federal government.
Jul 11 OFCCP and Napa Valley College Veterans Conference, Napa, CA.
This free conference and job fair will educate employers on state and federal equal employment and affirmative action requirements and provide direct linkages to veteran job seekers as well as services available to help recruit and retain qualified veteran employees. Come meet talented veterans seeking employment and learn the steps you can take right now to recruit and retain qualified veterans. To register, or for more information about the event, click on "Event Web site", or call (415) 625-7839. Please RSVP by Friday, July 6 2012.
Jul 11 OFCCP Compliance Assistance Seminar – Supply & Service Contractors , Nashville, TN.
Topics to be discussed include Affirmative Action requirements of federal contractors and subcontractors to include AAP development and compensation analysis.

Later This Month

Jul 12 OFCCP - Construction Requirements, Omaha, NE.
Jul 12 OLMS-Compliance Seminar, Lake Buena Vista, FL.
Jul 12 OFCCP – Building Partnerships for the Community, Charlotte, NC.
Jul 13 Seminar: Understanding Special Minimum Wages under Section 14(c) of the FLSA , Sacramento, CA.
Jul 14 Freedom Family Foundation Mental Health Awareness Day , Washington, NC.
Jul 16 OFCCP - Implementing an Effective Affirmative Action Program: Obtaining Meaningful Results , Chicago, IL.
Jul 17 OFCCP – Compliance Assistance for First Time Supply and Service Contractors, Atlanta, GA.
Jul 17 OFCCP- Preparing for an Evaluation by OFCCP (Non-Construction Contractors), Philadelphia, PA.
Jul 17 DEEOIC staff participating in town hall meeting to assist nuclear weapons workers, Upton, NY.
Jul 17 OFCCP-Building Partnerships for the Community, Jackson , MS.
Jul 18 OFCCP- Supply and Service AAP Seminar for Small and New Contractors - Mountainside, NJ , Mountainside, NJ.
Jul 18 OFCCP - Compliance Assistance Seminar - Boston, MA, Boston, MA.
Jul 18 OFCCP- Construction Compliance Assistance Seminar, Philadelphia, PA.
Jul 18 OFCCP-Building Partnerships for the Community, Jackson, MS.
Jul 19 OFCCP - Maintaining Applicant Flow Data, Omaha, NE.
Jul 19 OFCCP: The ABC’s of the AAP, Los Angeles, CA.
Jul 19 OLMS-Compliance Seminar, Nashville, TN.
Jul 19 Seminar: Understanding Special Minimum Wages under Section 14(c) of the FLSA , Birmingham, AL.
Jul 24 Maritime Advisory Committee for Occupational Safety and Health Meeting , Seattle, WA.
Jul 24 Prevailing Wage Conference, Los Angeles, CA.
Jul 25 OFFCP - Developing Written Affirmative Action Plans, Columbus, OH.
Jul 25 Health Benefits Laws Compliance Assistance Seminar, Billings, MT.
Jul 25 OFCCP Compliance Assistance Seminar – Supply & Service Contractors , Nashville, TN.
Jul 26 OFCCP - Analyzing Personnel Activity Data, Omaha, NE.
Jul 26 OLMS-Compliance Seminar, Charlotte, NC.
Jul 26 Pittsburgh DO- ADA Celebration Town Hall Meeting, Pittsburgh , PA.
Jul 26 New Contractor Introduction to AAPs, Houston, TX.
Jul 31 Prevailing Wage Conference, Miami, FL.
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