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August 23 Events

Aug 23 OFCCP - Internet Applicant Rule Refresher, Houston, TX.
This workshop is for Federal government contractors. It will serve as a refresher regarding the definition of an “applicant” as applicable to the Internet Applicant Guidelines; and will revisit the requirements for collection of information, data management and conducting adverse impact under these guidelines.
Aug 23 OFCCP - Construction Contractor Compliance Assistance Workshop, Houston, TX.
This workshop is designed to provide federal construction contractors with the basic tools needed to successfully meet EEO obligations. The workshop seeks to familiarize contractors with OFCCP’s mission, jurisdictional purview and requirements under 41 CFR 60-4.
Aug 23 OFCCP - National Origin Discrimination, Omaha, NE.
The Omaha District Office will provide an overview that will address what is national origin discrimination, the relationship of national origin to employment decisions, language issues, and citizenship requirements.
Aug 23 OFCCP- Seminar for First Time Service and Supply Contractors, Philadelphia, PA.
The Philadelphia District Office will host a seminar for first-time reviewed contractors and subcontractors on the development of Affirmative Action Plans as required by Executive Order 11246, as amended, Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974, as amended. This seminar will provide guidance on how to develop the narrative portions of the Affirmative Action Plan and guidance on the items requested from the Itemized Listing. In addition, an overview of the compliance review process will be provided.
Aug 23 US DOL Informational and Outreach Forum, San Antonio, TX.
Six US DOL agencies are hosting this major event. It is designed to promote public access to federal agencies and to increase the public's awareness of the DOL's mission. This Forum is free and open to the public. The attending agencies will host several workshops and informational sessions. The OFCCP will present a workshop for federal contractors or potential contractors to offer guidance on administering Affirmative Action Programs. This OFCCP workshop will also discuss what contractors should expect if they are scheduled for an OFCCP compliance evaluation (audit). The OFCCP will present this 90-minute workshop twice during the event. RSVPs are required. To register or request more information, please call or email.

Later This Month

Aug 24 OFCCP: AAP Development & Preparing for a Desk Audit , Los Angeles, CA.
Aug 27 Mexican Consulate’s Labor Rights Week, Chicago, IL.
Aug 27 Labor Rights Week - Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV.
Aug 27 Labor Rights Week - Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.
Aug 27 Labor Rights Week - San Francisco, San Francisco, CA.
Aug 27 Labor Rights Week - Albuquerque, Albuquerque, NM.
Aug 27 Labor Rights Week - El Paso, El Paso, TX.
Aug 27 Labor Rights Week - Denver, Denver, CO.
Aug 27 Labor Rights Week - Houston, Houston, TX.
Aug 27 Labor Rights Week - Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City, UT.
Aug 27 Labor Rights Week - New Orleans, New Orleans, LA.
Aug 27 Labor Rights Week - Dallas, Dallas, TX.
Aug 27 Labor Rights Week - Little Rock, Little Rock, AR.
Aug 29 OFCCP Compliance Assistance Seminar – Supply & Service Contractors , Nashville, TN.
Aug 30 OLMS-Compliance Seminar, Rock Hill, SC.
Aug 30 OFCCP-Building Partnerships for the Community, Greenwood, MS.
Aug 30 Live Twitter chat with Secretary Solis, Washington, DC.
Aug 31 OFCCP - Compliance Assistance Seminar, Columbus, OH.
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