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Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: We have break rooms on each floor in our building. Do I have to post the posters in each break room on each floor or can I just post them in the lunchroom?


If all your employees regularly visit the lunchroom, then you can post all of the required posters there. If not, then post the posters in the break rooms on each floor or in another location where they can readily be seen by employees on each floor. However, with regard to the Executive Order 13496 poster, the notice must be posted in a widespread fashion that is prominent and readily observable throughout the contractor’s/subcontractor’s plants and offices, including placement where other employee notices are posted. “Other notices to employees” is not limited to Federally required legal notices, but includes notices to employees regarding the terms and conditions of their employment. Therefore, a single notice in the HR office, cafeteria, or breakroom is not sufficient to satisfy the posting requirements for this Executive Order. The notice must also be posted in the employees’ work areas, where other notices to employees are posted, and other areas that employees congregate.



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