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Changing Jobs

Changing jobs can affect the health coverage available to you and your family, because when you leave a job you are usually no longer eligible to participate in your former employer's group health plan. However, you may become eligible to participate in your new employer's group health plan. Knowing your options and understanding your rights can assist you in maintaining the best health coverage for you and your family.

Depending on your circumstances, you and your family members may have the opportunity to enroll in your new employer's plan or to elect COBRA continuation coverage at group rates under your former employer's health plan. You and your family members may also have the right to enroll in a group health plan sponsored by your spouse's employer. There may also be opportunities available to you outside the group health plan context.

Before making any decisions, you should carefully consider the information on the coverages for which you and your family members may be eligible to determine which one best meets your needs.

Which type of coverage would you like to consider?