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Determining Compliance with the Michelle's Law Provisions in Part 7 of ERISA

Plan Compliance Results

Michelle's Law prohibits group health plans and issuers from terminating coverage for a dependent child, whose enrollment in the plan requires student status at a postsecondary educational institution, if student status is lost as a result of a medically necessary leave of absence.

Based on your responses, your plan appears to be in compliance with the following Michelle's Law provisions:

Based on your responses, your plan does NOT appear to be in compliance with the following Michelle's Law provisions:

  • None.

Note: If you would like to review the information provided within this Advisor, you may select that issue above and it will take you back to that section in the Health Benefits Advisor where you can reread the description and answer the question again. This Advisor provides general guidance and users are encouraged to review their specific health plan or health plan options in conjunction with the general information provided. In addition, the Advisor does not address health benefits offered through Federal, state, or local government plans or church plans.

Determine compliance with other applicable ERISA Laws:

The following health laws under Title I of ERISA may apply to your employer sponsored group health plan.  You may select the following laws to determine compliance.

For more information on complying with Michelle's Law requirements, visit:

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides additional health protections. This website does not reflect the passage of the ACA. For an overview of the Affordable Care Act, please visit the ACA Summary. For regulations, guidance and additional information, please visit the Department of Labor's ACA webpage.

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