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Direct or Indirect Party

A "direct or indirect party" to an agreement or arrangement includes:

  1. persons who have secured the services of another or of others in connection with an agreement or arrangement of the type referred to in Section 203(b) of the LMRDA, and
  2. persons who have undertaken activities at the behest of another or of others with knowledge or reason to believe that they are undertaken as a result of an agreement or arrangement between an employer and any other person. However, bona fide regular officers, supervisors, or employees of an employer are exempt from this reporting requirement to the extent that the services they undertook to perform were undertaken as such bona fide regular officers, supervisors, or employees of their employer.

Please note that the definitions have been adopted from various programs and may differ from the controlling statutory or regulatory definitions. Similar terms may have different meanings when used in a particular statute or regulation.

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