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Mine Operator

Please select any of the links below to find out more about the filing requirements and procedures specific to each form.

Mine ID Request (MSHA Form 7000-51) - All mines are required to apply for an MSHA mine identification number. An MSHA ID is required for each mine site and must be issued before any operations may begin at the mine site.

Legal Identification Report (MSHA Form 2000-7) - Within 30 days of applying for an MSHA mine ID or when there are any changes to the legal ownership structure for a mine, a mine operator must file a Legal Identification Report with MSHA.

Mine Accident, Injury and Illness Report (MSHA From 7000-1) - If an accident, injury or illness occurs at or in conjunction with activity at a mine, mine operators are required to report the circumstances of the incident to MSHA using Form 7000-1.

Quarterly Mine Employment and Coal Production Report (MSHA Form 7000-2) - Mine operators are required to report employment and production information to MSHA using Form 7000-2 for each quarter of operation at the mine.

Please note that the MSHA Online Forms Advisor does not address all MSHA filing requirements. There may be additional forms and filing requirements you need to fulfill. View the full list of MSHA Forms and Online Filings.