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- OSHA Confined Spaces Advisor

The OSHA Permit-Required Confined Spaces rule addressed by this Advisor (29 CFR 1910.146) applies to all workplaces and work activities except construction, agriculture, marine terminals, and ship yards. Separate OSHA rules apply to these industry sectors.

See 29 CFR 1926 (Construction), 1928 (Agriculture), 1915 (Ship Yards), 1917 (Marine Terminals), and 1918 (Longshoring) for guidance to protect workers in these industries from confined space hazards.

OSHA is currently developing a comprehensive new set of rules regarding construction industry work in confined spaces. Some workers who are nominally identified as construction workers are covered under general industry standards when the work they do involves repair, refurbishing or maintenance rather than new construction and installation.

The Confined Spaces Advisor will ask further questions to determine your situation and obligations.