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elaws - employment laws assistance for workers and small businesses

- OSHA Hazard Awareness Advisor

Why Small Businesses Should Use This Advisor

Occupational injuries and illnesses cause physical pain and suffering to workers and their families. Occupational injuries and illnesses cause fiscal (i.e., financial) pain and suffering to businesses and their owners. A safe and healthy workplace is good for workers and is good for business.

If your workplace is reviewed periodically by an experienced industrial hygienist AND by an experienced safety professional, then you probably do not need this Advisor.

If you do not have experience and knowledge of occupational safety and health, then this Advisor can alert you to many common hazards that might be present in your workplace. It draws conclusions from what you tell it about the work practices, materials and equipment used in your workplace.

How the Advisor works

The Advisor will ask a series of questions designed to identify your potential hazards. Following the questions, the Advisor will prepare a text report identifying hazards that may be present in your workplace, providing best practices or strategies to control them, and listing applicable standards which you can later review.