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- OSHA Lead in Construction Advisor


If you have employee lead exposure data which were previously collected by your firm or objective data obtained from an industry-wide study or from laboratory test results, and you want to find out if the data are valid and can be used to satisfy the exposure assessment requirements of the Standard, this section of the Advisor will provide you with guidance, if you do not have any employee lead exposure data, you must collect data.

You must conduct an initial determination if you are covered by the standard. To learn how to conduct an initial determination, use the back button of your browser to return to the Specific Guidance Submenu and choose "Guidance on conducting an initial determination". Alternatively, you may complete this session, then rerun the Lead Advisor, and choose "Guidance on conducting an initial determination" from the Specific Guidance Menu. 

The Lead Advisor assumes that you have data and will now help you determine if you can use it.