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Fair Labor Standards Act Advisor

Wages, Pay and Benefits

  1. What is the minimum wage?
  2. What is the minimum wage for workers who receive tips?
  3. Must young workers be paid the minimum wage?
  4. When are pay raises required?
  5. Is extra pay required for weekend or night work?
  6. How are vacation pay, sick pay, holiday pay computed and when are they due?
  7. How is severance pay calculated and when is it pay due?
  8. When must breaks and meal periods be given?
  9. Are periodic performance evaluations required?
  10. Can an employee be required to perform work outside of the employee’s job description?

Overtime and Work Hours

  1. When is overtime due?
  2. How many hours per day or per week can an employee work?
  3. How many hours is full-time employment? How many hours is part-time employment?
  4. When can an employee’s scheduled hours of work be changed?
  5. When is double time due?
  6. Is extra pay required for weekend or night work?

Recordkeeping and Notices

  1. Are pay stubs required?
  2. What notices must be given before an employee is terminated or laid off?
  3. Who must get a W-2 form and how does an employee obtain one?
  4. When employment is terminated, when must the employee receive his/her 401(k) contributions or profit-sharing?
  5. How are unemployment benefits calculated?
  6. How are worker’s compensation benefits calculated?
  7. When does an employee have to receive health insurance?
  8. What happens to an employee’s health insurance when employment is terminated?

Child Labor

  1. What is the youngest age at which a person can be employed?
  2. Must young workers be paid the minimum wage?
  3. What hours can youth work?
  4. What kinds of work can youth perform?
  5. Must a youth have a work permit to work?