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- Disability Nondiscrimination Law Advisor


Based on the information you provided in response to the questions in the Advisor, your business or organization currently may not meet the statutory thresholds for coverage required by Federal disability nondiscrimination laws addressed by this Advisor. You should revisit the Advisor if your situation changes. To be certain of your legal requirements, including those under Federal laws not addressed by this Advisor and those under State or local laws, you may wish to seek legal counsel.

The Advisor also provides guidance and links to other resources related to hiring and retaining employees with disabilities. The Guide on Employing People with Disabilities provides information that will help your business or organization comply with Federal and state nondiscrimination laws.

You may also want to contact your State's Workers' Compensation Office to obtain information regarding the workers' compensation system for the state where your business or organization is located.

Thank you for using the Department of Labor's Disability Nondiscrimination Law Advisor.

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