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OSHA Cadmium Biological Monitoring Advisor

Initial Biological Monitoring Tests

Initial biological monitoring tests - are medical tests that are part of the "Initial examination." The employer provides an initial (preplacement) examination to all employees covered by the medical surveillance program required in paragraph 29 CFR 1910.1027(l)(1)(i). of this section. Initial (preplacement) medical examinations include the "initial biological monitoring" that tests for the levels of : Cadmium in urine (CdU), standardized to grams of creatinine (µg Cd/grCr); Beta-2 microglobulin in urine (B(2)-M), standardized to grams of creatinine (µg B2M/grCr), with pH specified, as described in Appendix F; and Cadmium in blood (CdB), standardized to liters of whole blood (µg Cd/lwb).

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