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Work Center Certificates Issued Under FLSA Section 14(c)

Work centers—formerly referred to as “sheltered workshops”—historically have provided rehabilitation services, day treatment, training and employment opportunities at their facilities to individuals with disabilities. Work centers are also known as community rehabilitation programs (CRPs).

Work centers need submit only one application (WH-226), but must include a separate supplemental sheet (WH-226A) for each physically separate branch location or worksite where workers with disabilities will be employed at special minimum wages (SMWs); including the main establishment, branch locations, supported employment sites, and enclaves. Once the application is approved, the Wage and Hour Division will issue certificates for the main establishment and each branch establishment where workers with disabilities are employed at special minimum wages. The main establishment certificate will apply to those workers with disabilities employed in enclaves and at supported employment sites.

An enclave is a work site located within a competitive employer's establishment where a worker with a disability or a group of workers with disabilities is working and supervised by staff from the work center. The workers remain on the work center's payroll and authorization to pay a special minimum wage under Section 14(c) is based on the work center's certificate. An example of an enclave would be a mail room at a large government facility that is contracted out and operated by a work center.

Work center certificates remain in effect for two years.

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