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Fair Labor Standards Act Advisor

Full-Time Student Program

This program is for full-time students employed in retail or service stores, agriculture, or colleges and universities. The employer that hires students can get a certificate from the U.S. Department of Labor which allows the student to be paid not less than 85 percent of the minimum wage. The certificate also limits the hours that the student may work to eight hours a day, no more than 20 hours a week when school is in session, and 40 hours when school is out. It requires the employer to follow all child labor laws. Once students graduate or leave school for good, they must be paid at least the Federal minimum wage.

There are some limitations on the use of the full-time student program. For information on the limitations or to get a certificate, contact the U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Midwest Regional Office by mail at:

U.S. Department of Labor
Wage and Hour Division
National Certification Team
230 South Dearborn Street, Room 514
Chicago, IL 60604-1757

Or by phone at (312) 596-7230 or 1-866-4-USWAGE.

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