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FLSA Hours Worked Advisor

Home-to-Work and Return (Commuting)

When you travel from home before your regular workday and return home at the end of the workday you are engaged in ordinary home-to-work travel. This is true whether you work at a fixed location or at different job sites.

Ordinary home-to-work and return travel time is probably not hours worked.

However, if your employer requires you to perform some work-related duties while traveling between your home and the work site, the time may be hours worked. Some examples of such work related duties which may be hours worked include:

  • Providing transportation for other employees to or from the work site;
  • Picking up supplies or equipment from local suppliers while traveling to or from the work site; or
  • Stopping at his or her place of business (e.g. home office) to pick up supplies, tools, to receive instructions or do other work there before traveling to or from your work site.

Does your employer require you to perform any work-related duties while you are traveling to or returning from the work site?