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Work Performed While Traveling

Any work which your employee is required to perform while traveling must be counted as hours worked. This would include activities such as driving, mandatory reading, clerical work, acting as a tour guide, etc.

Employees who drive a truck, bus, automobile, boat or airplane, or employees who are required to ride therein as an assistant or helper, are working while riding, except during meal periods or during sleep periods.

If your employee is offered public transportation but requests permission to drive his or her own automobile instead, you may count as hours worked either:

  • the time spent driving the automobile, or
  • the time you would have to count as hour worked if your employee had used the public transportation.

To review the specific regulations concerning travel away from home community when a private automobile is used, or work performed while traveling, click on the underlined text.

For more information regarding time that is hours worked, review suffer or permit to work by clicking on the underlined text.

For more information, please contact your local Wage and Hour District Office.

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