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FLSA Overtime Calculator Advisor

Getting Started


Important: The pages of this Advisor are dynamic and require regular refreshing. Therefore, your Internet browser should be set to refresh each time you visit the site. Doing this ensures that your browser will download the latest version of all data from the FLSA Overtime Calculator, instead of using previous information stored in your browser's cache. Learn how to clear your cache.

The Department developed this FLSA Overtime Calculator Advisor to help employees and employers understand the overtime pay requirements by calculating overtime for a sample pay period. This Advisor is designed as a learning tool for both employees and employers. It will provide a sample overtime pay calculation based on the information you provide. Because it does not include every possible situation encountered in the workplace, your actual overtime pay calculation may differ from the results provided by the Advisor.

To use this Advisor, you will need to have available:

  • A sample of pay records, and
  • Corresponding hours worked information.

Two to four weeks of records, depending on how the employee is paid, should be sufficient. (If the employee is paid on a daily or weekly basis, one week’s records may be enough.) If you do not have all the records at hand, the system may time you out. If this occurs, you will have to restart the calculation.

You will be asked to enter information about frequency of pay, hours worked, rates of pay, and additional compensation. This Advisor does not collect any personally identifying information. Information pertaining to pay and hours worked is not saved by the Advisor after overtime is calculated.

Before continuing, you may want to review the glossary of terms.

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