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FLSA Overtime Security Advisor


Some of the terms and phrases used in this Advisor have particular meanings that are specific to the Regulations, Part 541. These terms are defined here to help you better understand how the regulations apply to specific employment situations. As you run this Advisor you will have the opportunity to return to the glossary to review the definitions when the terms are used.

Enterprise or recognized subdivision
A recognizable subpart within an employer's larger operation that has a permanent status and a continuing function. For example, a large employer's human resources department might have subdivisions for labor relations, pensions and other benefits, equal employment opportunity, and personnel management, each of which has a permanent status and function.

When an enterprise has more than one establishment (or branch), each establishment (branch) may be a recognized subdivision of the enterprise. A recognized department or subdivision does not need to be physically located within the employer's establishment and may move from place to place and/or may consist of employees drawn from other recognized units or from a pool of available employees (e.g., a construction crew which moves from job to job).