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Family and Medical Leave Act Advisor

Selecting a 12-Month Leave Year: Measured Forward

Under this method, an employee would be entitled to 12 workweeks of leave during the 12-months beginning on the first date FMLA leave is taken. The next 12-month period would then begin the first time FMLA leave is taken after completion of any previous 12-month period.

For example, if any employee requests leave on June 3, 2009, the 12-month period for this employee and this occasion would be June 3, 2009 until June 2, 2010. The next time the employee requests leave (after June 2, 2010), a new 12-month leave year would begin.

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For more information on this aspect of the FMLA, see the FMLA regulations: ยง 825.200(c)