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Small Business Retirement Savings Advisor

The Department of Labor's Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) oversees more than 703,000 private retirement plans and an additional 2.3 million health plans. EBSA's primary mission is to protect the retirement and health benefits of over 149 million participants and beneficiaries and to provide education and outreach for workers and employers and promote retirement savings.

EBSA developed this Small Business Retirement Savings Advisor to answer a variety of commonly asked questions about retirement savings options for small business employers and help you determine which program is most appropriate for your business.

You may want to view the EBSA glossary, the savings program comparison chart or review the necessary forms to sign up for a retirement savings program. If you have questions, you can call EBSA toll free at 1.866.444 EBSA (3272) and speak to a Benefits Advisor.

You may also want to see the publication Choosing a Retirement Solution for your Small Business.