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- Recordkeeping, Reporting & Notices Advisor

Recordkeeping, Reporting and Notice Requirements


You have indicated that:

  • You want Recordkeeping, Reporting and Notice Requirements
  • The nature of your business or organization is: Construction, reconstruction or repair
  • Your business or organization constructs coal mines or coal mine facilities.
  • The maximum number of employees your business or organization employs or will employ during the calendar year is zero.
  • Your establishment is located in: Iowa, which has its own OSHA state plan.

Since you have no employees, you likely have no recordkeeping, reporting or notice requirements under Federal employment laws at this time.

You should revisit the Advisor if your situation changes and these or other Federal employment laws become applicable to your organization.

Thank you for using the Department of Labor's FirstStep Recordkeeping, Reporting and Notice Requirements Advisor.