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FLSA - Child Labor Rules

Because your parents own or operate the farm where you now or will work, the Federal child labor rules do not apply to your employment. You may legally do any of the work that is given to you. But please remember that farm work is dangerous. Make sure your parents know what you are doing, that you have been trained to do the work given to you, and that you always put "safety first."

The Federal child labor rules would apply if your parents hired your friends or other children. If you want to know what work your friends could do if your parents hired them, click here. The Federal child labor rules would also apply to you if you were hired to work on a farm that was not owned or operated by your parents. If you want to know what work you could do on someone else's farm, click here.

You also may want to find out about your state's child labor rules, especially if you are still in school. When state and Federal child labor rules are different, the rule that provides the most protection to you is the one that must be followed.

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