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The time your employee spends performing work-related duties and traveling to the job site is probably hours worked; regardless of whose vehicle he or she is using.

When traveling to the work site, all of the time spent traveling from the beginning of your employee's first work-related duty to the work site would be hours worked. For example, if it normally takes your employee 30 minutes to travel to the work site, but he or she is required to make a work-related stop, which is 10 minutes from his or her home, all of the time from that stop until he or she arrives at the work site is hours worked.

The same would be true of the travel from the work site to home. All of the time from the work site to the point where your employee finishes his or her last work related duty would be hours worked. For example, if you direct your employee to provide transportation home for other workers, the time he or she spends taking the employees from the work site to their homes is hours worked. The time your employee spends going to his or her own home from that of the last passenger would not be hours worked, but would be ordinary home-to-work travel.

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