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Family and Medical Leave Act Advisor

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Employers covered by the FMLA have specific rights and responsibilities under the law.

Continue to learn about all of the following employer topics, or select a main topic from the list below.

  • Administering FMLA Entitlements
    • Selecting a 12-Month Leave Year
    • Intermittent Leave or Reduced Leave Schedule
    • Substitution of Paid Leave
    • Limitation for Spouses Working for the Same Employer
  • Employer Notice Requirements and Recordkeeping
    • Employer Designation of FMLA Leave
    • Employer General Notice Requirements (Poster)
    • Employer Eligibility Notice Requirements
    • Employer Designation Notice Requirements
    • Recordkeeping Requirements
  • Maintenance of Employee Benefits
    • Employee Payment of Group Health Benefit Premiums
    • Maintenance of Benefits Under Multi-Employer Health Plans
    • Employer Recovery of Benefit Costs
  • Employee Reinstatement
    • Equivalent Position and Benefits
    • Employee Reinstatement – Joint Employment
    • Reinstatement Limitations

Covered employers should also review the certification and documentation requirements for eligible employees under the FMLA. See Documentation/Certifications from Employees.

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