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Veterans' Preference Advisor

Preference in Examinations

Veterans meeting the criteria for preference and who are found eligible (achieve a score of 70 or higher) either by a written examination or an evaluation of their experience and education are eligible to have either 5 or 10 points added to their numerical ratings depending on the nature of their preference. For all other positions, the names of the 10-point preference eligibles who have a compensable, service-connected disability of 10 percent or more are placed ahead of the names of all other eligibles on a given register. The names of other 10-point preference eligibles, 5-point preference eligibles, and non-veterans are listed in order of their numerical ratings.

For scientific and professional positions grade GS-9 or higher, names of all eligibles are listed in order of ratings, augmented by Veterans' Preference, if any.

Entitlement to Veterans' Preference does not guarantee a job.

Filing Applications After Examinations Have Been Closed

A 10-point preference eligible may file an application at any time for any position:

  • For which there is a list of eligibles;
  • For which a list is about to be established; or
  • For which a non-temporary appointment has been made in the preceding three years.

A veteran may file an application for any examination which was open while he or she was in the Armed Forces.

Positions for Reference Eligibles Only

Certain examinations are open only to preference eligibles as long as such applicants are available. Among these are custodian, guard, elevator operator and messenger.

Special Hiring Procedures for Veterans

Federal agencies may hire certain qualified veterans using special appointing authorities. Please refer to the Office of Personnel Management's Federal Employment Info Line Sheet EI-4, Special Authorities for Veterans, for additional information on these appointing authorities.

Filing a Complaint

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